Our Story

For a family who loves the outdoors, Lumbee Outfitters is the perfect brainchild of Lindsey Locklear and his family. Though the business began in August 2020 with only a few tool pouches and a handful of knives, the business has taken off. The family quickly realized their passion was to get more people outside, active, and enjoying nature, particularly their people, the Lumbee Indians of Robeson County. Though not federally recognized, The Lumbees happen to be the largest Native American tribe east of the Mississippi. The family decided to produce a line of t-shirts, caps, and accessories that shares their pride in their rich Lumbee heritage and their love of outdoor adventure.

During the pandemic, with shutdowns, social distancing, and a freeze on “normal” activities, the online store was a way to encourage the community while doing something the family is passionate about. We love being outdoors, so we strive to only create and sell products that we ourselves are excited to use. We’re constantly dreaming up new ideas to help promote our tribe and instill a greater respect and connection to nature. Mountains, rivers, lakes, oceans, or the woods behind our house, the setting doesn’t really matter to this family because we believe there is always an adventure to be had. These days, our kayaking, fishing, camping and hiking are great backdrops to display our goods and, hopefully, motivate others to get outside and have a blast!

Lumbee Outfitters is growing fast and is expanding to meet all your outdoor needs. Currently, we offer T-shirts for the entire family in a variety of colors and styles, UV fishing and sun shirts, tank tops, leather patch hats, straw hats, Lumbee Collector’s knives, tool pouches, and various accessories. The native-print visor with a leather Lumbee Outfitter patch is a best-seller, along with the Case Collector’s knives, unique with a Lumbee etch and emblem.

As outfitters, the goal is to eventually develop products for specific activities. Together as a family, we discuss product ideas, choose materials as well as suppliers, and create designs, but each member of the family is over a specific area of the business. In the short time that the business has existed, many of the products added have been the result of consumer need. Many times, customers have reached out to request products, colors, and even sizes. It may take a little time, but, eventually, the customers get what they ask for.

Of course, Lumbee Outfitters is not for Lumbee people only. It is for anyone who wants to actively support small, local business, anyone who wants to support and promote indigenous people, and everyone who wants to get out and get active.

See all the products that are now available and check back often because we are constantly adding new products. In the online store, you can find something for everyone in the family. Let us know what you are up to with the tag #itsalumthing on social media so that we can share in the joy of your adventures.